General Assistance

Waukegan Township Established 1849
  1. General Assistance

    Phone: 847-244-4900

  2. Township Office

    Physical Address
    149 S GENESEE ST
    WAUKEGAN, IL 60085

What is General Assistance?

General Assistance is offered to residents of Waukegan Township who have no income or financial resources and are not eligible for Federal or State Assistance.

Once eligibility has been established, funds may be applied towards rent, utilities, food allowance and household products. Other needs may be considered upon request.

Applications are available to anyone who asks for them. Applicants will be required to complete an application and provide the necessary forms and documentation before General Assistance eligibility can be established.

General Assistance includes the following:

Waukegan Township Assistance Program

This program provides benefits to adults who are determined “not employable” under the Illinois Department of Human Services guidelines. These Clients participate in community work programs, training and job search.

Emergency Assistance

Our Emergency Assistance Program is designed to alleviate life-threatening circumstances and to assist a person in attaining/maintaining self-sufficiency.

Some of the areas we provide Emergency assistance include:
* Prescriptions

* Funeral & Burial

* Housing/Rental
* Utility
* Transportation

* ID’s
* Employment Expenses & Employment assistance via our Employment Specialist


* Must reside in the Waukegan Township.
* Must exhibit and document financial hardship.
* Must be able to demonstrate ongoing ability to pay after Emergency Assistance is granted.
* Must not be receiving any subsidized housing benefits.

SSI Representative Payee

You can elect Waukegan Township as your representative Supplemental Security Income payee to manage your funds when it has been determined that you are unable to do so yourself.

Other Assistance Programs:

Reclaim, Reconnect, Reenter Assistance

The ReEntry program is designed to provide individuals with criminal records with the tools and skills needed to become gainfully employed while reducing recidivism rates in Lake County, IL.

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General Assistance 2018 Report

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