Damaris I

“For months my children & I lived with their aunt.  I did not have a place to call home nor anything of my own. After living at Staben House for six months, I am happy to say I have moved into my own two bedroom apartment.  I am now able to provide for my children and have a place to call home.” Damaris I.


My name is Edith, I have three children, Emmanuel, Anahi, and Mariela, and I am current resident at the Staben House. I lived at Staben House focusing on savings and regaining my independence. It was important for me to get a good job and work as much as I could to save as much money possible so I can support my three children the best I can.  I really appreciated working with the Budget Manager because I learned how to live within my means and not overspend my money. As I begin to transition to my own apartment next month, I am excited because I feel that I have accomplished my goals of saving which makes me confident in my independence. Also, while at Staben House, I learned how to be a better mom and focus on what my children’s needs are, making that a priority. It was helpful to have the Child Specialist assist me with the resources I needed to find childcare and parenting programs to help my family.

Melissa’s Story

I was in an abusive relationship with my husband at the time.  He told my 2 kids and me to get out of this house.  We had no place to go.  I was adopted and don’t have a lot of families close by.  A woman told me about The Staben House.  I went to talk to them and they said they had a room for my kids and me to stay.  Staben House staff really helped me get back on track and my focus back.  I was able to get a divorce while living at the Staben House.  Ms. Ann helped me with budgeting.  I still til this day buy gift cards to budget my gas.  Might not have anything else, but will be able to get to where we need to go.  Lol.  Ms. Ruth helped me with getting medical and everything for my kids and I.  I was also able to get the kids into a better daycare.  Ms. Lety and Ms. Clara helped with everyday talks to get through daily stress with life.  They also had counseling and life skills to help me advance.  
In 2008 we moved out, back then we were able to stay a year and I made it a year.  I lived in an apartment and then bought a house in 2009.  I wouldn’t have been able to do it without going to the Staben House and hearing that, “I can do it”!! Cause I was always told that I couldn’t do it on my own.
Speeding up to the present day.  I sold the first house after being in it for 8 years.  I bought a bigger house for my bigger family.  I now have 4 kids and 1 grandkid.  I am still in contact with the staff at Staben House, past and present.  I have even gone back to volunteer when asked and am always available.  This is a Great Program and I'm so glad it is offered.