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Did you know?

Over 1,700 people experience homelessness in a year in Lake County.

Over one-third of Illinoisans are considered low-income or living in poverty. **

Illinois's poverty rate is stuck where it was during the Great Recession.**

Nearly 2 in 5 black children and more than 1 in 4 Latino children in Illinois live in poverty.**

People of color and children have the highest rates of poverty in Illinois.**

A growing percentage of the regions poor are living in the suburbs.**

About 1.4 million students in the U.S. were homeless at the start of the 2013-14 school year.

There are 194,716 people in families with children experiencing homelessness, representing 35 percent of the homeless population.

The 3 Main Causes of Homelessness

  • Lack of Affordable House
  • Lack of livable wages
  • Single heads of households unable to make ends meet.

Other Resources For Help:

Lake County

Since inception we have assisted 323 families with 623 kids.
  • The Average length of stay is 4.25 months. 
  • 24 families were served by the program in 2017
  • 87% of families leaving the program transition to permanent housing
  • 86% of families show an increase in income upon exiting the program 
  • Staben House maintained a 100% capacity rate throughout 2017 
  • The Average education is some college
  • On August 11, 1997, the first 6 families from a pool of 200 applicants were accepted into the Staben House.