Does My Voter Registration Expire?

Your voter registration does not expire unless you move or change your name.

Change of name

Should you change your name by marriage, divorce or other legal name change and move, you must re-register under your new name and provide the new signature on your registration record. Two forms of identification with your new name are required, one of which must have your current address.

Change of address

If you move within Lake County, you must provide written notification of your new address and sign the request:

  • Mail notification including your name, old and new address, date of birth and your signature or,
  • Complete the back of your Voter's Certificate of Registration Card including your signature

If you move to Lake County from another county or another state, complete a new registration application.

The County Clerk's office is required to verify the accuracy of the voter rolls. This is accomplished by mailing notices to all registered voters to confirm their residency at the address on file.

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