Rose Staben

Rose Staben
Township Clerk

Present & Past Political Experience

Waukegan Township Clerk, 2009


Rose has one daughter Delilah and two sons, Moises and Marcus.


Rose is a graduate of Waukegan High School and attended the National College of Education.


Currently, Rose is an Artist. Rose also has been appointed to and serves on the Waukegan Development Commission.

Special Awards & Recognition

In the past, Rose has served as a participant of Hispanic Advisory Council (HAC), Mothers Against Gangs (MAG), Friends of Waukegan Students, Special Education Parents Advisory Council (SEPAC), the Waukegan Soccer Association, and the Victory Hospital Foundation. Rose has volunteered for the Waukegan Township Park Place Senior Center and the Elementary and Middle School Music Parents Advisory (EMMPA). Rose is also an active member of the Puerto Rican Society.