How Do I Volunteer?

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At Waukegan Township, we believe that people can be the answer to the pressing needs that face our community. It is through volunteers that we are able to provide low-cost and free programs, services and activities to those within our community.

It can be as simple as answering the phone, running the Corner Gift Shoppe, assisting a child with homework or a reading assignment or promoting the services that Waukegan Township provides through one of the various community-wide events that we participate each year.

We are constantly on the lookout for outstanding community residents who can spare an hour, a week or a month of your time.

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Dear Volunteer:


Waukegan Township is a community service-oriented agency established in 1849. It has a rich history and reputation of outstanding community outreach. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for all Waukegan Township residents by offering programs which assist residents in gaining and maintaining self-sufficiency and independent living. We thank you and greatly appreciate you for choosing to contribute your valuable skills and enthusiasm to our program.

Volunteers provide an important link between Waukegan Township, participants and the community bringing in a variety of capabilities, skills, and knowledge. Volunteers provide extra resources to better accomplish our mission and goals.

Through the volunteer program, Waukegan Township hopes to enrich the lives of its participants, making a positive impact, providing opportunities to learn new skills, enhancing existing skills and stimulating the satisfaction that comes from giving of one’s self.

We are extremely pleased and thank you for volunteering in our program and we look forward to working together. A warm welcome from all of us at Waukegan Township!

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves,” - James Matthew Barrie.


Marc L. Jones
Waukegan Township Supervisor 52K773DYMNBBXDBYPOLWOQ7Q4E