Emergency Assistance

Our Emergency Assistance Program is designed to alleviate life-threatening circumstances and to assist a person in attaining/maintaining self-sufficiency.  Some of the areas we provide Emergency assistance include:

  • Prescriptions
  • Funeral & Burial
  • Housing/Rental
  • Utility
  • Transportation
  • ID’s
  • Employment assistance 


  • Must reside within Waukegan Township boundaries
  • Must exhibit and document financial hardship
  • Must be able to demonstrate ongoing ability to pay after EA is granted
  • Must not be a recipient of any subsidized housing benefits

For those experiencing hardships directly resulting from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic (beginning March 20, 2020 - present), you may be eligible for rent and utility assistance via the Federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program.  For more information and application for assistance, please review the information below.

For further information on other assistance programs, please visit:


  1. General Assistance

  2. Township Office

    Physical Address
    149 S GENESEE ST
    WAUKEGAN, IL 60085