General Assistance

General Assistance is a locally administered welfare program offered to residents of Waukegan Township who have no income or financial resources and are not eligible for Federal or State Assistance and are not able to provide their basic needs. 

Basic needs may include shelter, food, household supplies, utilities, personal essentials, medical and other expenses deemed essential to the health and well-being of the family or individual. Once eligibility has been established, funds may be applied towards rent, utilities, food allowance and household products. Other needs may be considered upon request.

Once the necessary documentation has been provided and eligibility has been confirmed, ALL General Assistance Grant recipients will be required to participate in a variety of classes/workshops provided by Waukegan Township and our various community partners.  Each GA client is expected to attend the assigned workshops.  You will be expected to inform our office of any absence at least 24 hours in advance, if unable to attend any scheduled event. More than three (3) missed or late appointments may result in a 30 day suspension from the program.

Program Expectations:

Once approved for assistance, clients must comply with assigned referrals, workshops, job services and must seek employment (if considered able to work).

It is our goal to continue offering services that assist our clients in obtaining and maintaining self-sufficiency.

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