Grocery Shopping Transportation

The grocery shopping shuttle service is provided by Waukegan Township's three (3) mini-buses. Handicapped-accessible and comfortable, our buses will pick you up from one of the senior centers listed below and deliver you to your destination safely. The shuttle service will return you to the senior center. 

* Special Walmart shopping pickup from your home 1st & 3rd Wednesday  - 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm. You must call the transportation line one day in advance.

  1. Reservations For Rides

Grocery shopping shuttle - Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday Pickup:

Super Fresh, Aldi & Jewel
Thompson Manor 8:30 am
Kukla Towers 8:35 am
Marion Jones 8:40 am
Manchester Knolls 8:45 am

Grocery shopping shuttle - Every 1st & 3rd Thursday Pickup:

Aldi, Super Fresh, Jewel
Poe Manor 9:00 am
Ravine Terrace 9:05 am
Lilac Ledge 9:10 am
Little Fort 1:00pm
Sunset Village 1:10 pm
Cinnamon Lake`1:15 pm
Armory Terrace 1:20 pm
Onan Suites 1:25 pm

Walmart shopping shuttle - Every 1st Tuesday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Poe Manor 9:00 am
Ravine Terrace 9:05 am
Thompson Manor 9:10 am
Kukla Towers 9:15 am
Marion Jones 9:20 am
Barwell Court 9:25 am
Park Place 9:35 am
Little Fort 1:00 pm
Lilac Ledge 1:05 pm
Chateau Royale 1:15 pm
Imperial Towers1:25 pm
Cinnamon Lake 1:30 pm
Chapel Gardens 1:35 pm
Onan Suites 1:40 pm
Sunset Village 1:45 pm