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  1. Lizetta Nava

    Phone: 847-244-9242 Ext. 222

Many of our communities’ older adults are unable to access transportation for several reasons. Some can no longer drive safely. Others can no longer afford to maintain car and insurance payments. Sometimes the person is temporarily unable to drive due to surgery or illness. Whatever the reason, losing the ability to drive becomes a barrier to receiving vital services such doctors visits, grocery shopping and medication pickup. Day to day activities normally managed on their own, like going to a doctor or grocery shopping all become impossible. Waukegan Township Patricia A. Jones Center Transportation Service offers several programs for Township residents who are 55 and better.

Medical Transportation

Patricia A. Jones Center provides complimentary medical transportation to seniors 55+ to doctors, dentist, prescription pick-ups and nursing homes.

Expanded Transport: Dial A Ride For Disabled Residents (16+) & Seniors (60+)

This program will provide a vital lifeline for people who are Seniors (60+) and disabled residents (16+) to access employment, education, healthcare, and community life. 

Grocery Store Transportation

Patricia A. Jones Center provides complimentary grocery shopping shuttle service to seniors 55+.

Senior Transit Card!

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