Youth Services

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Waukegan Township Scholarship

Since 1999, the Waukegan Township Scholarship Fund has awarded scholarships to Waukegan Township graduating High School seniors and most recently College students, to continue their education at an Illinois College or University. A total of $48,000 has been awarded to aspiring students. More information


Artis Yancey HBCU Tour

The Artis Yancey HBCU tour started in 2013 with the passion and determination of Supervisor Patricia Jones with the full support of the Board of Trustees. Her purpose was to encourage students to pursue goals and not to settle for anything less than what they desire. Investing in our youth is an initiative that is crucial to the success of Waukegan Township’s future. More information

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Children's Fun Fest

For 19 years in December, Waukegan Township and Shawall Temple # 165, have co-sponsored a Children’s Holiday Shopping Spree. One hundred children from Waukegan Township are invited to participate in the day’s fun-filled activities.  Waukegan Township Employees, Shawall Temple, and local volunteers chaperone the day’s activities. More information

The Art Mobile

The Art Mobile is a renovated school bus donated by Holy Family Church of Waukegan, Illinois, that's been gutted and refitted with long tables, benches, cabinets, bulletin boards, a sink, drafting table and art supplies. This bus circulates throughout the Waukegan Township neighborhoods and beyond introducing art to children ages 5 to 13 right in their own backyard! More information