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  1. Art Mobile/Fundraising Campaign

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The Art Mobile is a renovated school bus donated by Holy Family Church of Waukegan, Illinois, that's been gutted and refitted with long tables, benches, cabinets, bulletin boards, a sink, drafting table and art supplies. This bus circulates throughout the Waukegan Township neighborhoods and beyond introducing art to children ages 5 to 13 right in their own backyard!

The Art Mobile was created by local artist, Jim Harrington (1944 to 2000). Jim's vision was to take art to the children, especially children who, as a result of economics, may not have an opportunity to experience art in its truest form.

Travel Locations

The Art Mobile travels throughout Waukegan Township and beyond. The Waukegan Township is comprised of Waukegan, North Chicago, Park City and some parts of Beach Park.

The Art Mobile can provide services to any youth organization or youth event. The Art Mobile will cater private events such as birthday parties or family reunions.


There is a $150 flat rate fee which includes 2 hours, drop off and pick up. An additional $50 fee for every extra hour that follows. Maximum rental is 6 hours at a rate of $300. For non-Waukegan Township residents, the flat rate rental is $200 which includes 2 hours (up to 20 mile delivery from bus home base - $5 per mile over 20 miles), drop off and pick up and minimal supplies (specific projects would require supply purchase by renter) with an additional $50 fee for every extra hour that follows. Maximum rental is 6 hours at a rate of $350 (plus additional mileage if required).  No rentals outside Lake County.

Types of Art

Children may create many works of art in the bus varying from hand paintings, bracelets, necklaces to puzzles, sun visors, buttons and much more. All creations are individual ideas from each child as they express themselves in their own fashion. No two creations are the same, each piece is full of excitement!

Where Have You Seen the Bus

  • Afro-Fest Festival
  • The Andrew Cook Sampler
  • Carmen-Buckner Elementary
  • First Baptist Church
  • A Heart for Park City
  • Juneteenth Parade and Event
  • Lake County Community Action Project
  • Lake County Head Start
  • Lake County Urban League Youth
  • Nicasa Women's Services
  • Operation Harvest
  • Riverwoods Arts Foundation
  • Sign of the Dove Southside Pride Week
  • Stars Summer Camp
  • Walk for Seniors
  • Walnut Street Parade


Do you have a passion for art? Are you interested in helping children of the community express themselves? If so, the opportunity to invest your spare time is here! We need you! Spend your summer giving our children an outlet through art! You can assist in the creation of hands on projects, supervising projects or delivering the Art Mobile to various locations throughout Waukegan Township.