Jeff McBride

Jeff McBride, Township Trustee
Township Trustee


Trustee Jeff McBride is a Waukegan native who still resides in his hometown.  A Waukegan High School graduate, Jeff has worked to serve his home town in many ways.

Trustee McBride was a long time employee and supervisor in the City of Waukegan Public Works department.  He served as a member of the Waukegan Public School Board for 8 years.  He was elected to the Waukegan Township Board of Trustees in 2009 where he continues to serve. 


A great proponent of athletic engagement, Trustee McBride has worked as a basketball referee for 20 years, t-ball coach for 15 years, and a basketball coach for 25 years. Jeff is the founder of South Side Positive Youth, a grassroots organization that provides after school and summer activities for children from lower economic areas of Waukegan. Jeff has served on the board of Citizens Against Drugs and Alcohol program (CADAA) as well as serving on the Advisory Board for the Waukegan Library and the Coalition to Reduce Recidivism.  He is an active participant in the benevolent ministries of the North Shore Church of Christ. Of his service, Pastor Terry Atwater says “Mr. McBride is passionate, progressive and productive in all activities lifting people to a higher quality of life.  He is liberal with his time and talent serving Lake County. His work has given him name recognition across cultural and age lines throughout the region.” 

Trustee McBride considers the turning point in his life “The day I was blessed with a liver transplant.” His personal heroes include his mother and his minister, Pastor Terry Atwater.  He is inspired by Robert Evans and Buck McClinton. 

Trustee McBride is married to lovely Kim McBride.  He is a man that devotes his heart and life by serving the community through education, recreation and building strong minds.